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Jun 05

The hottest business destinations in 2017

It’s that time of year when most people’s thoughts are turning to their summer holidays – whether you’re travelling to Margate or Mauritius, it’s a fantastic time of year.

But what are the hottest business destinations in 2017? Which countries are really embracing growth, providing the infrastructure, while being easy to deal with and offering political and economic stability?

Here are Business Travel’s top five hotly-tipped countries, in order, for business dynamism in a challenging global economic environment.

Of course, making a decision to enter a new market is never one to take lightly – but the current weakness of Sterling makes British exporters of goods and services a very appealing prospect, being able to offer both value and expertise/credibility.

Remember, if you are considering increasing your international trade – and why wouldn’t you be – then Business Travel is an independent travel specialist that can save you time and money on your business travel arrangements, no matter where you are going.



It’s hardly a well-kept secret that Singapore is a major economic force, but its financial sector, as well as it’s world-leading digital competitiveness, make it a relatively easy choice as a possible new business base.







Israel may not seem the most obvious choice, but it is investing heavily in R&D at the moment and there is money available to be spent with overseas suppliers. It’s the sign of an economy that is taking growth seriously and opportunities there should be explored, especially as Israel embraces a traditional ‘Western’ approach to business.






Australia is a strong growth economy and performs well when considering factors such as political stability, infrastructure, foreign trade controls, and willingness to embrace enterprise. There is a lack of a language barrier, which helps a lot – just don’t mention Britain’s recent sporting dominance over the Aussies!







Finland is more than just Nokia: it’s another country of strong economic growth, built on an excellent operating infrastructure, outstanding digital capabilities and minimal regulatory risk. Finland is heavily industrialised and has a per-capita output on a par with the very best in Europe.







This is our left-field choice, but Slovenia is fighting back strongly after the global economic crisis. Slovenia is an industrialised (but also incredibly beautiful) country, with decent employment levels and an accelerating GDP growth. Worth considering!