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Apr 21

Is your travel policy working? Do you even have one?

We are always surprised at how few major organisations have a properly-implemented travel policy in place, especially those that spend in excess of £100,000 on travel annually.

In some cases, particularly global consulting businesses, of which there are growing numbers in the UK, travel is the second-biggest expense, behind wages.

An up-to-date and closely-followed travel policy can therefore reap huge benefits, both in terms of cost and also operationally.

Yet we frequently find that travel policies are not being followed correctly, have not been created correctly in the first place or, often, simply don’t exist.

If any of these apply to your organisation, we would recommend an urgent review of the situation as it could be costing you time and money.

A good travel policy should:

  • Be written specifically with your organisation in mind
  • Satisfy the needs of travellers while maximising cost savings
  • Grant a company control, maximising compliance and account consolidation
  • Allow consistency across an organisation
  • Be reviewed regularly against benchmarks
  • Be accompanied by internal workshops to achieve buy-in at all levels
  • Offer a clear and concise system of reporting to analyse travel spend

At Business Travel we are proud of our track record in achieving savings for our clients – we are confident of saving in the region of 60 per cent on travel costs, when compared to companies that don’t currently use specialists to organise their travel.

But the savings on offer are only the start and we are equally proud of the added value that we can deliver.

We assist our clients to formulate and develop their Travel Policy and to implement it within their organisation.

If you have any questions about constructing and following a well-implemented travel policy, please feel free to contact us.