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Aug 22

What to look for in a travel management company

If you’re considering using a travel management company for your business (and we think you should!) there are certain features and services that should be a bare minimum to consider as part of your search.

Make sure all of these items are on your shipping list – and if your current provider doesn’t give you all of this, then maybe it’s time for a review.


Never take service for granted, and make sure you select a provider with a track-record for first-class client service, with the attention to detail needed to implement a travel policy to the letter.

For example, do you require first or standard-class travel? The quickest route or the cheapest fare? Car hire or taxi? The wrong choices can be costly for your company and these are the small details that a good business travel management firm will be in complete control of.

Round the clock response

Socialites like to point out that it’s always 5pm – or happy hour – somewhere in the world. In the travel sector, there’s always an issue that needs resolving somewhere in the world: crises don’t wait for the UK working day to start.

A good travel management firm will offer round-the-clock response to developing issues (strikes, cancellations, adverse weather, security threats, etc), no matter where you are in the world.

Quality assurance

That reputation for service should be backed up by industry standards and quality assurances. Business Travel has the ISO 9000 accreditation for quality management. In addition, we are Investors in People and are accredited to ABTA, IATA, ATOL and ATOC.

Our regular service performance analyses ensure we exceed expectations at every step.

Speed and efficiency

You want to retain control, but shouldn’t have to consult on every single decision. Look for an agency that will implement your travel strategy quickly and efficiently, giving you just the right level of reporting feedback. (For example, exception reporting for large organisations).

If you don’t have a travel policy in place, look for a company with the heritage and understanding of the industry to help you implement and effective one.

Cost and best value

Cost and value will always provide the most compelling case: look for clear and concise costings, with no hidden charges and smooth cash-flow management. Remember: a travel management company will always be able to get better rates than are available to non-industry insiders. And it’s not just savings on fares: it’s one less job for someone at your company to do, saving significant amounts of time, too.

If you think you’re ready to deal with a travel management company, or believe you could be getting better service than you are currently receiving, please feel free to get in touch with Business Travel on 0191 477 0111. We’d be delighted to explain to you what sets us apart!