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Savings & Efficiencies

We know from experience that, like our existing clients, you’ll be looking for service, speed, efficiency, the best deal and cost control. You want clear and concise information, no hidden costs, skilfully negotiated deals and efficient cash flow management. That’s what Business Travel provides.

We have the expertise and technology to implement the right travel strategy that will impact your company’s bottom line. Our independent and unbiased advice will aid you in choosing the best route for you and your travellers and the transparency of our pricing policy will give you total peace of mind.

Do you require first or standard-class travel? The quickest route or the cheapest fare? Car hire or taxi? We appreciate that the wrong choices can be costly for your company. Equally, it’s time-consuming and frustrating to have to consult on every occasion when a decision is required. We will work closely with you to develop and implement a corporate travel policy – this will give you the control which we will enforce.

At Business Travel we work as a close-knit team, where every individual counts, and where everyone knows that their contribution is significant to the building of the business. As a result, we have tremendous commitment from our friendly and approachable staff and a genuine concern to meet the needs of our clients. As well as professional skills, it goes without saying that our staff are trained to think for the clients and anticipate their every need. The client relationship, while always professional, has a personal touch, with all clients having dedicated teams of consultants.